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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Our love story started with whispered jokes on the swingset and stolen handholds at the table. We were just kids, but something about the shared dreams etched in teenage defiance made us inseparable. By 18, vows replaced nervous giggles, and by 20 a minivan replaced our Chevy Cavalier. Four little faces arrived before we turned 21, each one a testament to our wild, whirlwind start. We crisscrossed the country, passports collecting stamps like kids collect Pokémon, living life on the fly, fueled by love and wanderlust. Even the sandstorms of Iraq in 2009 couldn't break our bond, the distance only sharpening our yearning for home. Three decades later, the military and corporate rat race lost its charm, replaced by the whisper of freedom on Virginia soil. We traded the manicured suburbs for sprawling acres, ready to build a haven for kindred spirits. Picture laughter-filled evenings under starry skies, tents nestled amidst whispering pines, and the fragrant haze of possibility curling around it all. It's a new chapter, an ode to second chances and adventures yet to come, built on the rock-solid foundation of a love that's seen it all. We call it a 420-friendly hospitality business, but really, it's a monument to our journey, a testament to the fact that life's truest treasures aren't found in paychecks or square footage, but in the shared laughter, the quiet understanding, and the unwavering conviction that even after 30 years, it's always us, chasing sunsets together, forever young at heart.

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